this event has been postponed

December 5, 2020 
8:00 AM
at the RevRoad Corporate Office
1555 N Freedom Blvd 200 W, Provo, UT 84604

We hope to reschedule this event in the coming months. Feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Tony Overbay

Marriage and Family Therapist

John Hilton III

BYU Religion Professor

Barbara Morgan Gardener

BYU Religion Professor

Kurt Francom

Founder, Leading Saints

We have invited back some of 2020's most popular podcast guests!

Each episode on the Leading Saints podcast is packed full of valuable leadership perspective. Each year for our Leading Saints Live event, we highlight some of the most downloaded episodes by inviting those guests back to present more in-depth about their topic and to answer questions from the Leading Saints audience. 

Join us at this event as we learn...

  • The role of fence laws in our quest to follow God's commandments
  • ​The 4 Pillars of effective communication at church, home, and in life
  • Why people approach the gospel differently and how that impacts ward unity
  • The doctrine of the priesthood as it relates to women
  • Leading a ward during a pandemic
  • What Leading Saints has taught us about leadership in 2020
What You Will Learn At This Event:

How our mindsets shape the type and quality of the revelations we receive

As leaders, we all strive to prepare for revelatory experiences by praying, inviting the Spirit, and creating safety in our council meetings. However, if we don’t consider what mindset we are approaching the meeting with, inspiration will be more difficult to receive. We need to be Sister Grow rather than Brother Fix.

Deeper awareness of who you are and your leadership style

You might think you are self-aware of your leadership style, but have you ever wondered why those you lead never really understand where you are coming from? Or how can you tell if people enjoy following you as the leader or if they are simply trying to comply and be obedient?

How to become more emotionally intelligent to better love and serve others

Emotional intelligence is an ability that some leaders have and others need to work on. Being connected to the emotional signals in your leadership role is crucial to motivating others and helping them engage in the organization. In order to do this, we must start with mindsets.


Watch a teaser of Tony Overbay's Presentation

Tony Overbay

Tony Overbay is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA LMFT#92443), a Certified Mindful Habit Coach (CMHC), and a popular motivational speaker. Tony regularly speaks at corporate training events, schools, and churches in formal and casual settings mixing humor, clinical experience, his Christian faith, and a wealth of personal stories gleaned from years of helping others achieve their goals.

Once a promising baseball prospect (his high school coach once called Tony the best bad ball hitter he had ever seen!), Tony was run over by a 28-foot dual-prop ski boat shortly after his senior year of high school on a trip with friends to Lake Powell, Utah, both of his legs receiving significant damage from the prop of the boat. Tony still carries the scars from the prop some 30 years later. Tony was told that he would regain the ability to walk, but that he would never be able to run quickly, or for distance, as an adult. The accident halted Tony’s baseball career, but it set him on a path that eventually led him to creating The Path Back. Tony spent 10 years as a software executive traveling the world presenting at conferences and trade shows and eventually started several of his own companies in industries from computer hardware, health and beauty, and nuts and bolts (literally!).

Watch a teaser of John Hilton's Presentation

John Hilton III

John has a Masters degree from Harvard and a Ph.D from BYU, both in Education. John is the author or co-author of over fifty peer-reviewed articles and ten books. He has a variety of research interests including the processes of learning and teaching and the effect of Open Educational Resources. John and his wife Lani have six children. John loves being with his family, doing humanitarian work, learning Chinese, and performing magic.

Barbara Morgan Gardener

Barbara Morgan Gardner is an associate professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University. She holds a master's degree in educational leadership and foundations and a PhD in instructional psychology, and she did post-doctoral work at Harvard University. She was institute director in Boston, Massachusetts, serving more than 100 universities and colleges in the area and acting as chaplain at Harvard and MIT. She continues to serve as the chaplain-at-large in higher education for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She also serves on the BYU Interfaith Outreach Council. She and her husband, Dustin Gardner, live in Utah.

Kurt Francom

Kurt Francom is the founder and executive director of Leading Saints, a nonprofit organization helping Latter-day Saints be better prepared to lead. He manages the day-to-day efforts of Leading Saints and is the host of the podcast by the same name. Leading Saints has reached individuals internationally and has received over 2 million downloads. Kurt currently lives in Holladay, Utah with his lovely wife Alanna. They are blessed to have three children. He enjoys drawing caricatures, playing basketball, reading, and watching college football. Kurt has served as a full-time missionary (California Sacramento), as a bishop, 1st counselor in a stake presidency, and elders quorum president.